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Prevent Ice Dams & Frozen Gutters in Green Bay

What Is Helmet Heat?

Helmet Heat, by Gutter Helmet, is a self-regulating cable device that is placed in your gutters to keep snow and icicles from building up on the eaves of your home during cold winter months. It can help protect your home from ice damage, slippery steps, hazardous walkways and many other potentially serious safety hazards caused by snow and icicles.
With Helmet Heat, as the temperature drops, the cable responds by heating up. As the temperature rises, the cable cools down, saving you money. The cable is installed over new or existing gutters and hidden under Gutter Helmet panels (Gutter Helmet is not needed to install Helmet Heat).
Here are the benefits you'll receive by installing Helmet Heat:
  • Lifetime transferable warranty
  • Drastic reduction or elimination of icicles
  • Keep both gutters and downspouts from freezing
  • Save up to 50% on energy costs
  • Protect your home from potential structural damage
  • Eliminate the dangers of icicles