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What Door Material Is Best for Your Home?

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Entry and interior doors come in a variety of patterns, styles, and materials. If you thought doors were either made of wood or metal, this guide will help you expand your door knowledge as well as help you determine what door material is right for your home.


Steel, especially galvanized steel, is a wise choice for an exterior door because the material is hard to break or penetrate, adding extreme security to your home. A steel door has a high return on investment should you choose to refinance or sell your home in the future due to the security it offers.
Furthermore, steel can be stamped in various patterns and styles and is easily painted. For a custom steel door, talk to your remodeling expert.


Another common option for a front door is fiberglass. Though not as durable as steel, this type of entry door option is energy-efficient and helps manage interior temperatures in your home.
Fiberglass can be manipulated to resemble wood and other materials for a custom finish. You can also use fiberglass doors as interior doors for bedrooms, main areas, and patio door framework.

Solid-Core Doors

Solid-core doors are usually used as interior doors because they are not known for their protective abilities. Solid-core doors have a plywood or other thin exterior with a tight wood fiber blend on the inside.
The composition of a solid-core door makes it lightweight, durable, and affordable. Consider this type of door for your bedrooms, bathroom areas, and closets.

Solid Wood

Solid wood doors are aesthetically pleasing and versatile for the home. Used both for interior and exterior entries, a solid wood door can be etched or engraved for customized appeal, painted any hue to protect the wood underneath, or stained to let the natural grain shine through. Wood doors come in several species, including maple, walnut, and mahogany.
For bedrooms, solid wood is durable and able to withstand years of abuse from children and pets. Solid wood doors don't crack or peel away the way solid-core doors can over time. Do not use a solid wood door in humid areas of the home as wood naturally expands and contracts in moisture. Instead, stick to fiberglass or solid-core doors for the bathroom and laundry areas.
Your door expert will show you several types of wood doors to determine what style of wood door meets your budget and home design needs. Wood doors come in a huge variety of options, so explore different styles to see what fits your home’s design and your personal preferences before you choose your doors.


A solid glass door is contemporary and streamlined in its appeal. Glass doors are often used as exterior doors for sunrooms, patios, and other areas where light is desired and offer a welcoming, open appeal.
Since glass doors are transparent, consider adding a decorative screen door to your glass door if using this material for your main entry. You can add a glass door in front of a solid wood, steel, or fiberglass door or use glass inserts in those materials for when you want to let light in your home via leaving your solid door open.
You have many options for doors both inside and outside your home. Your budget, home's style, and other factors will determine which door style is best for you. You can mix and match doors for your home based on individual room needs.
For all your remodeling projects, trust our experts at Neville's Inc. We work with you to create home designs you'll love. Schedule a consultation with us for your door installation needs and other renovations today.