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Six Ways to Control Indoor Window Condensation

Indoor Window Condensation
Winter window condensation occurs due to two primary factors – different outdoor and indoor temperatures, and humidity trapped within the home. Water vapor indoors becomes a liquid when it encounters the cold surface of your windows. The resulting buildup of water isn't just unsightly, it can lead to serious structural damage for window frames and walls. Here are six ways you can solve your precipitation problem:
  1. Ventilate your house for a few minutes a day, especially naturally humid rooms like bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.
  2. Turn off any humidifying units, including the furnace humidifier.
  3. Keep kitchen and bathroom fans going for about 15 minutes longer than you usually would.
  4. If you have a fireplace, make sure that the damper is open. This allows excess moisture to vent.
  5. Check to see that the louvers (slatted vents) in attic and crawl spaces provide adequate airflow.
  6. Install storm windows, or have older windows replaced with modern double or triple glazing. Newer windows are designed for greater efficiency, and often incorporate multiple panes. The air trapped between these panes acts as a buffer between the cold air outside and the warm air indoors.
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