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Five Reasons to Replace Your Siding

Replacing the siding of a house is not on the typical homeowner to-do list. But this is a project that should be considered. After all, siding is susceptible to cracks and even leaking. As a homeowner, you should be aware of the siding on your house as it can give indications as to when it needs to be replaced. Here are five signs that the siding might have reached the end of its life.

High Energy Bills

The siding of the house helps to provide insulation. If heating and cooling costs for the house are rising, replacing the siding could help bring that expense back down.

Fading Color

If your siding needs to be repainted frequently due to severe fading, then it should be replaced. The color of siding is formulated to last for a significant amount of time.

Fungus and Mold

Any growth of fungus, mold or mildew should be an immediate red flag. These growths indicate moisture that is trapped and the boards need to be replaced.

Interior Paint

Paint or wallpaper that is peeling from interior walls indicates that there is moisture seeping in through the siding.

Dry Rot

Siding should be strong. If you can tap on the siding and a hole forms, that is an indication of dry rot.
Siding will need periodic replacement. Contact Neville's Inc. to learn more about replacing the siding on your house.