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3 Ways a Retractable Awning Enhances Outdoor Living

Retractable Awning
A patio is an excellent addition to your home. It not only creates an outdoor space for entertaining guests and relaxing with your family but also adds enormous value to your home. Of course, once the patio is installed, you need to make the space appealing and comfortable.
A retractable awning can turn an ordinary patio into a beautiful and relaxing retreat. While an expense not usually included in your patio installation, an awning will be a worthwhile investment. If you have a new patio, here are a few benefits of installing a retractable awning.

Improved Comfort

You can dress your patio up with plants, décor, and furniture, but these accents and furnishings won't significantly decrease the patio's exposure to the sun.
The warmer temperatures and constant exposure to the sun's heat can cause your concrete or stone patio to heat up drastically. Whether you stand on the patio to cook out or relax in a lounge chair, the patio will be very uncomfortable due to the heat from the sun.
Over time, the sun's rays can heat up the patio surface, making it impossible to walk or stand on. In many instances, this patio's temperature will rise, leading to footpad burns. If you have pets or children who enjoy time on the patio, they will also be susceptible to discomfort and even dangerous burns.
Retractable awnings allow you to cover your patio during the day, reducing any exposure to the heat and sun. In the evening or at night, close the awning so the patio is exposed, allowing you to view the nighttime sky.

Fade Protection

The sun's ultraviolet rays and other environmental elements can weaken your concrete patio over time. In addition, constant exposure to the sun's UV rays can fade or discolor stained or stamped concrete patios, decreasing their appeal and value.
The actual deterioration and fading of your patio's surface is not the only effect of the sun.
Certain types of furniture will also fade if exposed to the sun constantly. Upholstered patio furniture, wrought iron and others metals, and even teakwood will fade over time if they are out in the sun throughout the day.
A retractable awning will not only prevent your patio and furniture from becoming too hot and uncomfortable but also protect your patio and furniture from fading and deterioration related to the sun and other weather.

Versatile Outdoor Space

A patio is already a great investment for your home. This outdoor living space makes your home more appealing to potential buyers, which adds value to your home. However, a patio is not naturally a functional space in certain climates.
Fortunately, a retractable awning turns an ordinary patio into a versatile outdoor living space.
The amount of precipitation in Wisconsin varies throughout the year, but the period of time between April and October are known to be the wettest. An awning allows you to continue enjoying your patio without the risk or worry of rain putting a damper on your outdoor plans.
In the winter, you can sit on the patio under your awning even if it there is a chance of sleet or snow. Bring out a patio heater or install a fire pit for a bit of warmth while the awning protects you from wintry precipitation.
While it is known to protect you from the dangerous rays of the sun, your awning can be used at night on the patio. Consider stringing lights across the patio or hanging them from the awning for a bit of illumination.
To enhance your outdoor living space with a retractable awning over your patio, contact Neville's Inc. today.