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3 Benefits of Building a Three-Season Room

Three-Season Room
From a deck or patio to a simple porch, you can update each type of outdoor space to align with your needs. If you need this space to become functional, valuable, and comfortable, upgrade to a three-season room. You may not realize how a three-season room can benefit your home and family's needs. But, with this guide and the help of professionals, you can learn the benefits of a three-season room.
1. More Space Economically
You may have sufficient square footage when you first purchased the home. However, if you are like most homeowners, your family and the number of belongings will grow over time, causing you to need more space in your home.
A traditional addition is a good investment since the addition adds conditioned square footage to your home. Unfortunately, a traditional addition requires more time and more supplies, which increases the costs of adding extra space to your home. On average, a traditional room addition can cost up to $330 per square foot depending on a few factors, such as location and design.
If you need more space, but in a more economical way, converting an existing deck, patio, or porch into a three-season room is a better alternative to consider.
2. Improved Outdoor Living Function
With a deck, patio, and porch, you can enjoy relaxing outdoors, cooking out, and entertaining your friends without stepping inside your home. While the outdoor living space is a valuable addition to any home, transitioning your outdoor living space into a three-season room can greatly improve its function.
As the name suggests, a three-season room is comfortable during three seasons: spring, summer, and fall. Even though the space has no insulation or heating and air conditioning equipment, a three-season room can receive natural warmth from the sun shining through the windows and get ventilation through fans.
Unlike a deck or patio that does not have a roof, a three-season room is usable even when rain descends, making the room even more functional.
Most homeowners are surprised by the different ways they can use their three-season room. Not only can it become an extra family room but it can also be a dining space for your family or guests when entertaining. 
Because it is covered and enclosed, a three-season room can also be a great space for a game room or playroom. If designed with skylights and large windows, the room can also become a greenhouse or terrarium. 
3. Increased Appeal and Value
Even though it typically doesn't have heating or air conditioning, a three-season room will add appeal and value to your home.
If you convert a deck or porch into a three-season room, consider attaching a patio for extra outdoor living. Potential buyers will find the extra interior space of the three-season room attractive but will still prefer to have an outdoor living area they can use for relaxing and entertaining in nature.
You also have other ways to ensure your three-season room offers an even higher return on investment.
For example, the size and configuration of your three-season room should work with your home's existing footprint. Most people do not want their addition to stand out awkwardly from the rest of their home. If your home has white siding, opt for white vinyl for your three-season room's enclosure for the most professional look.
Also, choose the right windows for your three-season room. Tilt-out, sliding, and traditional window styles are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to create a room that works for your style and needs.
Extra space, function, appeal, and value are all benefits of a three-season room. To get started creating this room of your dreams, contact Neville's, Inc., today.